A Planet called Jakarta

written by: Susanna Sunarno

Our planet is so unique. Its scenaries, its activities, its inhabitants: flora, fauna and human.

Thus, there are just so many things to talk about and to travel around.

After a thought, I decided to start talking about Jakarta first. Jakarta is not only the capital city of Indonesia, but also the place where I was born. Like other  capital city in the world, Jakarta becomes a city of hope. People from different cities or villages flock to Jakarta trying to conquer ‘the big apple,’ make a better living, enjoy higher  lifestyle, better luck, more power, fame and fortune. No wonder  one can find people from all parts of Indonesia  here in Jakarta.  I myself was born in Jakarta, but I am not of Betawi ethnic (indigenous people of Jakarta). I am Javanese. My father came from Klaten and my mom from Solo, both from Central Java.

Here, in Jakarta, my life is filled by a so colourful jetcoaster …

From enjoying a decent life, such as going into a catholic kindergarten, to to not having my own shelter to sleep. So we were compelled to move on to other cities Klaten and Solo, trying to survive. Then, just after graduation from a Catholic university in Yogyakarta, I tried my luck on an International TV competition.. and BOOM! My first introduction to preforming on TV. It was not easy though, especially that my fellow competitors were mostly professional models and performing artists, and since I was the only finalist from outside Jakarta.

I am sure that a lot of people from overseas  also betting their hope in Jakarta.

This is the city where I spend my  Christmass this year.  2009 is the first Christmass I spend with my husband. Jakarta is very quite during long holiday like this. So you can move around from place to place quickly without being stucked in traffic jams.  It is convenient to visit friends and relatives (if they happen to be in Jakarta). Moreover, it is easier to engage people (Jakartans) into conversation with much loughters since they find themselves in a very relaxing atmosphere during this relatively long holiday. Plus, there are so many discounts offerings in Jakarta. For example, the largest publishing house in the coutry, Gramedia, offered  30 – 35 percent discount on all books… Wow….and Jakartans rush out to pick up books, and, surprisingly, willing to wait patiently in the long queus. Of course a lot of malls have their seasonal sale. Some, even scheduled midnight shopping round on Christmas day.  And,  a Christmas tree made of Lego with its discounts offering made the shopping season fun for everyone.

Oh ..what a momento… enjoying Jakarta like this.  Jakarta sightseeing with our love one is the best. But I’m pretty sure that others, at the other corners of this lovely planet, are sharing my joy in different circumstances.

4 thoughts on “A Planet called Jakarta

  1. mona

    hi mba susan….met natal yah n jelang taun baru ntar malam…wahahha
    bagus banget x’mas tre nya mba..sesuai dngn baju nya mba..btw diman tuh mba lokasinya???
    bisa nih di buat contoh wat atun depan..
    n disini mba susan jga kasih info wat spend time for x’mas n new year di jakrta..
    so ga susah algi nyari..
    suskses wat mba susan selalu yha..
    N Tuhan sellu memberkati..
    salam damai mba….

  2. melelahkan liburannya. mana nyari penginapan susah ditambah sama hjn terus yaaah, bidadariku rewel. penduduk jkt pd ngeburu bdg semua, kemacetan dimana2. yaa budget yg nenbengkak, jd nya tamassya kuliner n tamasya ke psr br, cihampelas plus cibaduyut, koper jd beranak, ha…ha…ha.

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