Going to Kilo Lima Beach, Luwuk


Hai there…

To escape from daily routines, I suggest you to go some where, some place a-not-so-popular one… to discover new things. I’m sure it would be exciting. Say, have you ever heard a place named ‘Luwuk’? It’s in the Central Sulawesi (Indonesia), Banggai District. You can reach Luwuk from Jakarta, Surabaya (East Java)  and Makassar (Central Sulawesi). At least you need 3.000.000 Rupiah (Usd 351) for the return ticket from Jakarta.

The climate is hot or heavily rain. So, make sure you bring your sunscreen in your bag and an umbrella. And, you always have to prepare yourself for very spicy chilly food… 🙂  But for me, it’s fun!

By traveling to this region, you will be exploring more than half of the country’s width. The only direct flight (2 stops) will take you about 7 hours on the sky. So, are you ready?