Colours of Life

writer: Susanna Sunarno

Since I was a kid, for years and years, I questions why I have a lot of hardship. We moved from house to house a lot. I most likely have forgotten so many people along the way. But the in 1999, I got into a long series of psychology test and it’s friends ( other tests, I mean). The tests are for searching the first batch of a National TV.


And, ( to make the story short), a psychologist, in the end of the test, surprisingly read all the result of the test and what their meaning. One of the sentence I remember is that those hardship I have, are there for a reason. ( what, I asked) They are there to create colours.  She said that my colours may different from other people’s. Perhaps I wish for a specific colour. But that one or two or three colours are not mine. I remember her saying, I  should embrace different colours of my life, including the dark, the grey and dull colours. When they are put together, people can see rainbows. Isn’t rainbow a beautiful thing?

The explanation go on like this: “You might not like some parts and facts of your life, your childhood, your hardship, but your story and how you handle and overcome those era, will benefit and strengthen others having problems in their lives. Think of it that way. You are strong and you shall be the inspiration. ”

And, I got the job.

Since then on, I understand things better ( though sometimes with complains as well).

Now, look at the picture. They are not one colour. Do you find it beautiful?  What words or saying that play important parts in your life? Please let me know. comment below.

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