Susan a Paris?

Bonjour!feeling 'Paris'
Story: Susanna Sunarno
Photo: Anindita.H.A
“Bien venue a Paris. Bonjour! Comment allez vous?”
I always think of Paris as one of the most romantic city in Europe, as I think Yogyakarta is for Indonesia.
Fortunately, I have been blessed with the opportunity to go to Paris to attend a Tourism Fair named “le Monde du Tourisme et Paris.”  There were a lot of countries participating and Indonesia was one of them. And, I am all into supporting Indonesia’s Tourism.
I also planned to have a pilgrimage tour to Rome, Italy. I have never been there before. And, a friend from Spain wanted me to stop by to see her new-born baby boy. Wow, sounds pretty exciting to me!
Now, my regret was that I didn’t have the chance to go to a place where all Macaron lovers rejoice — that was on March 20th because it was FREE MACARONS-time. It was called  Jour du Macaron in Paris, an annual celebration, dreamed up five years ago by the famed pâtissier Pierre Hermé. However, it was not totally free;  the visitors or customers are encouraged to make a charitable donation after getting their macarons. Hmmm..celebrating spring while  supporting a research to treat rare diseases was not a bad idea. Few pastry shop participated in the events. “Bon Macaron” They said. 
My regret was not only that I didn’t come to ‘Jour du Macaron’ on my birthday; but also the fact that I didn’t go to Paris at all. I got a terrible flu and a sour throat two weeks before the event.  And it took another two weeks for me to recover…  Oh, poor me!  So, here I am, still feeling ‘Paris’ inside me. 
feeling 'Paris'
So, instead of going to Paris, France, I went to Paris van Java, or Bandung, West Java. I took these pictures on a nice place in Bandung where you can hang out, dine, shop with a much much much and much less money than when you got to go to Paris….  
Just look at the bright sight!
And, there is still tomorrow….                              
Bon voyage…..   🙂