Travel to Make a Better House

Anti leak-paint was on sale
Trying new Anti Stain-Paint. Cool!

Story: Susanna Sunarno Photo:A.H.A.

Picking a house is easy. All you need to do is go with your feeling about the house, the place, its developer-perhaps, and you can have it in no time, especially when you are ready with the cash.  But, fixing a house is a completely different matter altogehter. You need to know what the problems are, why they exist and sometimes persist, and last but not least how to solve them. Often times you cannot relly on your tukang* alone, because of their lack of professional knowledge and knowhow, all they have mastered are the ones told by the previous tukang who happen to be his mentor. There are times when they are correct, and you are happy with the work done. But also, there are times when their solutions are absolutely false while insisting about the virtue of their perception. Accordingly, if  you happen to be just an ordinary person like me, having no degree on civil engineering or architecture, having to choose between your tukangs or your logical thinking become another problem of its own. A second opinion is always worth seeking. And, going to a ‘Renovation and Construction Expo’ is one of the smart travel you can make. You can see yourself different type of accessories for your house, talk about the problem in your house and possible solutions for it, and in some stands, they even offer special price during the event.

Me casa es su casa. My house is your house. Mantaining the house is never been easy; specially when you plan to have your house as your home, a place where you feel peace and relax, a place where you can be yourself after all the work and travel you take . Step by step, we can make it.  Have fun with your home!   🙂

The Red clown looks cute

*Tukang: Handyman

Jazz, Buzzing in Jakarta


Story and photos: Susanna SAN.

Jazz is buzzing… specially in an international event like Java Jazz. I remember that in 2009,  it took some time just to get the ticket. Queing could be found everywhere; from getting the tickets to waiting to enter to a special performances. A huge crowd was there inside the Jakarta Convention Centre. Make sure you are healthy when you go there. Not only Jakartans, you could also see western foreign visitors to Asian neighbouring countries came all the way to Jakarta just to watch the show. Of course, many public figure-artists and politician. This year, 2010, is special for President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Budiono of Indonesia spared some time to watch how this creative industry is growing. Many singers or jazz bands came here to Jakarta several times already, and become familiar with the city and its crowd. They could tell that Jakarta is friendly, safe to visit and even to have a lot of good times. I took a special ticket to watch Swing Out Sister in 2009. It was the first time for this group of senior singers to come to Jakarta to perform. Their voice were still good though they were not young anymore.  They felt happy and so were the audience who had been waiting to see their live performances for ages, like my husband. Have fun with Jazz, Indonesia!

Swing Out Sister was in Jakarta

Susan a Paris?

Bonjour!feeling 'Paris'
Story: Susanna Sunarno
Photo: Anindita.H.A
“Bien venue a Paris. Bonjour! Comment allez vous?”
I always think of Paris as one of the most romantic city in Europe, as I think Yogyakarta is for Indonesia.
Fortunately, I have been blessed with the opportunity to go to Paris to attend a Tourism Fair named “le Monde du Tourisme et Paris.”  There were a lot of countries participating and Indonesia was one of them. And, I am all into supporting Indonesia’s Tourism.
I also planned to have a pilgrimage tour to Rome, Italy. I have never been there before. And, a friend from Spain wanted me to stop by to see her new-born baby boy. Wow, sounds pretty exciting to me!
Now, my regret was that I didn’t have the chance to go to a place where all Macaron lovers rejoice — that was on March 20th because it was FREE MACARONS-time. It was called  Jour du Macaron in Paris, an annual celebration, dreamed up five years ago by the famed pâtissier Pierre Hermé. However, it was not totally free;  the visitors or customers are encouraged to make a charitable donation after getting their macarons. Hmmm..celebrating spring while  supporting a research to treat rare diseases was not a bad idea. Few pastry shop participated in the events. “Bon Macaron” They said. 
My regret was not only that I didn’t come to ‘Jour du Macaron’ on my birthday; but also the fact that I didn’t go to Paris at all. I got a terrible flu and a sour throat two weeks before the event.  And it took another two weeks for me to recover…  Oh, poor me!  So, here I am, still feeling ‘Paris’ inside me. 
feeling 'Paris'
So, instead of going to Paris, France, I went to Paris van Java, or Bandung, West Java. I took these pictures on a nice place in Bandung where you can hang out, dine, shop with a much much much and much less money than when you got to go to Paris….  
Just look at the bright sight!
And, there is still tomorrow….                              
Bon voyage…..   🙂 

Jakarta Calender of Events-March

Welcome to Jakarta!

Written by: Susanna Sunarno

These are some of the biggest events in Jakarta in March.

5 – 7 March 2010: Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival. The biggest International Jazz festival in Indonesia; featuring performance from hundreds of Internasional and national musicians. Java Jazz always full of crowd, selebrities, media. Once you go there, you will feel that you are in a different planet already; well, at least that is how I feel…. hehe… enjoy Jakarta!

10 -14 March  2010:  Deep Indonesia 2010: Indonesian best maritim tourism exhibition (water sport, diving, adventurous sport, marine tourism)

13 -14 March 2010: The Jakarta 6th Toys and Comics and Bricks convention

24 – 27 March 2010: Indonesia International Autopart Accessories & Equipment (INAPA) at Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta: The involvement of 150 companies from 15 countries including Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore, show that Indonesia has a large market share.

26 – 28 March 2010: Anak Mutiara Indonesia culture Festival VII at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta: Indonesian Children  will show their talent by dance/art performances.

If you happen to have some events on March, please do let me know. Cheers….

Yummy Yoghurt Bandung

 Story: Susanna Sunarno

hhhmm healthy Yoghurt

Yoghurt. At first, I wasn’t so familiar about it. But, years ago I heard that Yoghurt made in Bandung was so popular for its delicious taste. So. I came all the way from Jakarta about 3 hour drive to Bandung to try the yoghurt. It turned out to be so yummy, healthy, refreshing.

March is a special month for me. So, drinking healthy drink that tastes so fun and energizing is a must for me. If you have difficulthy in the digestive system, well, you might try yoghurt. It really works.

Yoghurt is not a new type of drink. People have been making dan drinking yogurt for at least 5,400 years. Wow…   So, I might have just call it as the ancient drink?  hmmm…  ‘historical drink but not rare’ is probably the most suitable term for this drink, because you can find yoghurt throughout the world. It has a sour but nice taste. For those who drink it, please be prepared to receive protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Wikipedia noted that : “Yoghurt or yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Fermentation of lactose produces lactic acid, which acts on milk protein to give yoghurt its texture and its characteristic tang. Dairy yoghurt is produced using a culture of Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus bacteria. The milk is heated to about 180°F. to kill any undesirable bacteria and to change the milk proteins so that they set together rather than form curds. It is then cooled to about 110°F. The bacteria culture is added, and this temperature is maintained for 4 to 7 hours for fermentation.”
So, come on, try some yummy yoghurt from Bandung. They really fresh!
Yummy Yoghurt Bandung

Dolphin, a Friendly Animal from the Sea

Story and Photo by: Susanna Sunarno

Dolphin is a friendly smart sea mammal. They always seem to understand people. Just look at them. Their eyes and voices look as if they want to say something. I have an interesting experience with a dolphin. One day, we took some reportage on dolphin show. As we walked between pools in which the dophins lived in, one dolphin jumped on the land just to get my attention. It sounded as if calling me and made some funny gestures. But then my cameraman pushed the dolphin back to the pool, saying, ” You coquettish animal!”

I was afraid that the dolphin got hurt because of the push. “Hey!” I said, ” Dont do that. Dolphins have feelings too, you know. They will remember what you just did.”

“Oh, so what? They are on the pool anyway,” he argued.

And as we moved from side to side of the pool, taking some video, one dolphin suddenly came from a far and suddenly made a huge splash near the cameraman.

“Oh, shit!” He said.

“See, I told you. It remembered you and was trying to find way to get back to you,” I said watching my friend’s clothes were all wet as he was trying hard to protect the camera from the water splash.

We do need to love our environtment and others as we want to be loved and feel peace. You can find these smart dolphins I’m talking about in Ancol, North Jakarta.  Peace!

jump jump!

Pasukan Garuda Ada di Gedung Asia Afrika?

Narasi oleh: Susanna Sunarno

Foto: SS

“Aku beri nama pasukan ini Garuda. Agar ia tangguh dan kuat seperti burung Garuda,” ujar Bung Karno di tahun 1956. Presiden Republik Indonesia I menamakan pasukan Indonesia yang membantu PBB dengan nama: Pasukan Garuda. 

Bung Karno memberi nama 'Pasukan Garuda'

Hingga saat ini pasukan Garuda masih ada dan terus mendedikasikan dirinya demi nama harum Indonesia yang turut berperan serta aktif dalam perdamaian dunia. Setidaknya ada 1200an pasukan Garuda yang bertugas di Lebanon Selatan. Karena kesigapan, sifat profesionalisme dan persahabatan yang ditunjukkan oleh pasuka Garuda, maka orang Indonesia mendapat tempat di hati dan nama baik di Lebanon, Timur Tengah. “Kehadiran pasukan Garuda sangat dinantikan masyarakat Lebanon untuk menjaga perdamaian, terutama di Lebanon Selatan yang berbatasan dengan Israel,” ungkap Letkol A.M. Putranto yang memimpin Pasukan INDOBATT  angkatan 23B di Lebanon.  

 “Bangsa Indonesia adalah satu-satunya di dunia yang mencantumkan sikapnya tentang perdamaian dunia dalam pembukaan undang-undang dasarnya. Untuk itu kita patut berbangga,” kata Anindita Harimurti Axioma, seorang pemerhati Timur Tengah, yang turut menjadi pembicara dalam seminar ‘Misi Diplomasi Indonesia di Lebanon Selatan’ di Gedung Asia Afrika, Bandung, 12 Maret 2010.

Pameran tentang kiprah pasukan Garuda di Lebanon dibuka untuk umum. Jadi, silakan kunjungi pamerannya untuk mengenal lebih dekat salah satu prestasi anak bangsa Indonesia. Salam. 

Pameran Pasukan Garuda
Pameran Pasukan Garuda
Anindita Harimurti Axioma
“Saya menyaksikan Perang 33 Hari di Lebanon…”
Mengunjungi Pameran di Gedung Asia Afrika

Peraturan di Luar Negeri yang Unik – Budget Travel

Weird Foreign Laws (Don’t Get Busted!) – Budget Travel.

Ditulis kembali oleh: Susanna San 
Berlibur ke luar negeri....Bisa berkelana ke negeri orang tentu menyenangkan. Sebagai turis harus berhati-hati terhadap beberapa peraturan di negera lain, yang berbeda dengan ketentuan umum di berbagai negara.  Ketidaktahuan bisa menghambat perjalanan anda.
Katherine Spiers dalam tulisannya di Budjet Travel mengingatkan beberapa hal:
 SINGAPORE:  Karena keinginan negara ini untuk menjaga kebersihannya, maka kelalaian dalam mengguyur toilet umum bisa berakibat pada denda. Begitu pula dengan meludah sembarangan, buang permen karet sembarangan, merokok di sembarang tempat… listnya cukup banyak, sampai-sampai dijadikan ‘icon’ kaos suvenir dan diberi judul ‘Singapore is a fine Country.’ Maksudnya negara yang penuh denda…hehe…. 
THAILAND:  Menghina raja bisa dikenakan kurungan.
Philipina: Mobil yang beredar diatur berdasarkan metode nomor belakang dan hari. Bahkan mengendarai motor dengan kaki telanjang atau sandal bisa dikenakan denda. 
 JEPANG: Berhati-hatilah membawa barang ke Jepang. Beberapa obat bebas yang bisa didapatkan di Amerika tidak diperbolehkan di Jepang, seperti produk Vicks dan Sudafed products dan yang mengandung pseudoephedrine. Tertangkap di bea cukai dengan produk  tersebut mengakibatkan penangkapan.
DENMARK: Mengenakan topeng di muka umum bisa berakibat penahanan. Jadi, jika anda sedang merayakan Halloween disana, gunakanlah kostum yang sederhana.

Finland: Pengemudi taksi yang menyalakan musik di dalam taksi harus membayar copy right, karena dianggap memperdengarkan musik pada “publik” yang dalam hal ini pelanggan taksi. Jadi, jika supir taksi tidak mau menyalakan radio untuk anda, harap maklum karena mungkin saja supir itu hanya ingin menghemat beberapa euro.

Semoga berguna! Selamat jalan-jalan ya….

Culinary Travel in Bandung

Story by: Susanna Sunarno

Photo by: A.H.A

 Travelling without culinary walk is not complete. In Bandung,we decided to browse around not far from Gedung Sate. In a blue tent, Lontong Kari seemed tempting.  For a plate of Lontong Kari cost not more than a dollar.  Because we were so hungry, so it tasted good. heheh….

Lontong kari-something new for me...yummy..
Try Lontong Kari in Bandung....Look at the LONTONGS...SO BIG!For healthy drink, we wanted Yoghurt made in Bandung so badly. So, off we went to the yoghurt place. The yoghurts were nice, sweet, healthy, natural and different. The price were around 1 - 2 dollar for a glass of yoghurt. And, to fulfil our curiosity of Bandung snack, we bought ourselves some Surabi. Uh, our stomach were so full. It was time to take a walk... Where to? (To be continued)Surabi Bandung...enak euy!