Grey days green days

I think we all have had our own grey days. I called it this way because there are days when things are just…not just blue but grey. That is when you think you have done good things but don’t seem good enough for others. For example, have you ever experience the moment when you try to cook some meals, with all the good intention that you sincerely have- considering you are no chef, but it just doen’t seem good enough. Instead of getting a thank you for that, the meals are said to be tasteless- don’t match – don’t bring up appetite. Not to mention that those words are said to the crowd. (Oh dear.)..Of course one would feel down and disappointed.  Well, it was just one illustration.

There are plenty more of grey days… When your friend borrowed money from you but your dear friend suddenly disappered (Oh NO…).

Or the fact that nobody wants to do the dirty job so you volunteer yourself (without being paid) but all the sudden everyone complains to you and hesitates to coorperate.

Or you are a mother who struggle to bring the best of your kids, specially through the bad times; but all the sudden one of your kid hold grunches against you and refuse to be part of the family anymore. (Ouh oh).

and so on and so on. Grey days, I’d say.

I must admit that it takes time, effort, and the willingness to let go, to wipe out the grey days from me. Hm…Sometimes we tend to remember the grey days of our lives. I hope it doesn’t take too long for you (and for me) to move on. To get on to the other side of our lives, turning to the other color, like green.

Yeah, I’m sure you also have some days that surprise you, refresh you. You might say you are lucky to have that. I called it green days. For example the day when my husband surprised that I pay small amount of money at the cashier. I said, ‘I got some voucher from the bank’. Or I finally got the shoes I needed with a very good price. And more, grab car gave me free ride without my notice. Then, the young-coconut fruit-drink that I love is just two block away. Yippi…

You should notice the way I write my green days. They are shorter but plenty example that I can mention to you. I’m sure that you can also mention your green days in no time. You see, green days are small things, happy things that we often taken for granted.

In this wonderful opportunity, I’d say thank you for today and for God’s blessing upon me. Cheers to that.