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lovely flowers....
The second view… Wow!
Classic Russian Truck found in Bogor Villages

Writer: Susanna Sunarno Photo: SS & AHA.

One fine morning, we drove to a small village in Bogor, West Java, named Jonggol. It was an exciting journey for us.And, the first view was a classic Rusian truck. I couldnt believe it. They are still using it not for showing off but for work. Wow… They were fixing the truck as we passed by. Then, just a step away, was a long bamboo bridge. Well, seemed to be preety exciting since it was made from bamboo and we had to share with the motorbike drivers whom also used the same bridge. The view from the bridge was awsome; though I was a bit worried to see trucks were taking the sands from the river.

Arriving at the end of the bridge, I saw some cool blue colour flowers… Some traditional houses are really humble but seemed nice. We stopped by at one of the house to have small chit chat with the owner of the house. They were really nice people.  Come, join us for a walk.

I'm loving it...
Beautiful flowers...A traditional house in the village