Travel to Make a Better House

Anti leak-paint was on sale
Trying new Anti Stain-Paint. Cool!

Story: Susanna Sunarno Photo:A.H.A.

Picking a house is easy. All you need to do is go with your feeling about the house, the place, its developer-perhaps, and you can have it in no time, especially when you are ready with the cash.  But, fixing a house is a completely different matter altogehter. You need to know what the problems are, why they exist and sometimes persist, and last but not least how to solve them. Often times you cannot relly on your tukang* alone, because of their lack of professional knowledge and knowhow, all they have mastered are the ones told by the previous tukang who happen to be his mentor. There are times when they are correct, and you are happy with the work done. But also, there are times when their solutions are absolutely false while insisting about the virtue of their perception. Accordingly, if  you happen to be just an ordinary person like me, having no degree on civil engineering or architecture, having to choose between your tukangs or your logical thinking become another problem of its own. A second opinion is always worth seeking. And, going to a ‘Renovation and Construction Expo’ is one of the smart travel you can make. You can see yourself different type of accessories for your house, talk about the problem in your house and possible solutions for it, and in some stands, they even offer special price during the event.

Me casa es su casa. My house is your house. Mantaining the house is never been easy; specially when you plan to have your house as your home, a place where you feel peace and relax, a place where you can be yourself after all the work and travel you take . Step by step, we can make it.  Have fun with your home!   🙂

The Red clown looks cute

*Tukang: Handyman