Cycling in Jakarta

Hai there…

Lately, I learn cycling again. This time in Jakarta. A city where I was born, grew up, had a career, met my husband…

At first, I was a bit nervous about riding a bike since it has been a very long time for me; and I never tried folding bike nor mountain bike before.

Then, I remember the yellow bike. (Let me show you the bike in another session) About 15 years ago, I regularly cycled from my boarding house to my campus in Yogyakarta Province ( A province having natural disaster caused by Mount Merapi explotions). Yellow hmmm.. yellow was a rare colour for an adult bike, I suppose? ‘Sepeda mini’ they call it or mini bike, it’s a female bike with a basket on the front…

Some people laughed at me riding the yellow bike, but others try to buy it from me. Of course it’s not for sale coz it’s my mother’s bike…  🙂

Now, I remember once again that there’s a fun feeling when we ride the bike… A popular saying about a bike is “ones you ride it you never forget how…”  So, no matter what your bike is, just keep riding it and be proud of it. Coz being pro green and sporty is not a crime, you know.


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