Dolphin, a Friendly Animal from the Sea

Story and Photo by: Susanna Sunarno

Dolphin is a friendly smart sea mammal. They always seem to understand people. Just look at them. Their eyes and voices look as if they want to say something. I have an interesting experience with a dolphin. One day, we took some reportage on dolphin show. As we walked between pools in which the dophins lived in, one dolphin jumped on the land just to get my attention. It sounded as if calling me and made some funny gestures. But then my cameraman pushed the dolphin back to the pool, saying, ” You coquettish animal!”

I was afraid that the dolphin got hurt because of the push. “Hey!” I said, ” Dont do that. Dolphins have feelings too, you know. They will remember what you just did.”

“Oh, so what? They are on the pool anyway,” he argued.

And as we moved from side to side of the pool, taking some video, one dolphin suddenly came from a far and suddenly made a huge splash near the cameraman.

“Oh, shit!” He said.

“See, I told you. It remembered you and was trying to find way to get back to you,” I said watching my friend’s clothes were all wet as he was trying hard to protect the camera from the water splash.

We do need to love our environtment and others as we want to be loved and feel peace. You can find these smart dolphins I’m talking about in Ancol, North Jakarta.  Peace!

jump jump!


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