Culinary Travel in Bandung

Story by: Susanna Sunarno

Photo by: A.H.A

 Travelling without culinary walk is not complete. In Bandung,we decided to browse around not far from Gedung Sate. In a blue tent, Lontong Kari seemed tempting.  For a plate of Lontong Kari cost not more than a dollar.  Because we were so hungry, so it tasted good. heheh….

Lontong kari-something new for me...yummy..
Try Lontong Kari in Bandung....Look at the LONTONGS...SO BIG!For healthy drink, we wanted Yoghurt made in Bandung so badly. So, off we went to the yoghurt place. The yoghurts were nice, sweet, healthy, natural and different. The price were around 1 - 2 dollar for a glass of yoghurt. And, to fulfil our curiosity of Bandung snack, we bought ourselves some Surabi. Uh, our stomach were so full. It was time to take a walk... Where to? (To be continued)Surabi Bandung...enak euy!