Culinary Walk around UGM Roundabout, Yogyakarta

Story: Susanna SAN

Culinary Walk around UGM Roundabout,Yogyakarta

Photo: A.H.A & Susanna Sunarno

A Walk without tasting something local isn’t completed.  Look at what we have found as we walked down Bundaran UGM on Sunday Morning. This is Fried Musroom…

Friend Mushroom a la Yogyakarta
It was very delicious… You can’t have enough of it. I came back to buy 2 more packages..  It was soft but crounchy at the same… hmmm…so yummy… and very good price. Less than 1 USD  for 2 smal paper bags.  
Still  hungry?  There are blue tents everywhere round University of Gajah Mada Yogyakarta.
You have so many choices. Just pick up some delicious-cheap-javanese taste-brunch.
We felt so excited to browse around and eat…. 
Javanese Brunch in a blue tent, Yogyakarta

After walking around-having snacks and brunch … we felt thirsty… and thank God we found some nice sweet Resella Ice Tea …it tasted very new, very refreshing….   Come on, come to Yogyakarta and explore your taste!

Ice Rosella Tea... fresh!

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