To See from the Heart

To See from the Heart

Story and photos by: Susanna SAN

I wear glasses. So, it is obviously difficult for me to see clearly without my glasses on. When I forget where I put my glasses, I usually feel worried. And, it would take sometime for me to find it. Thankfully, if someone is around I could use their eyes to help me find my glasses…. Sorry, it is not a good example for me to lost or forgot my glasses. But, my point is eyes are important. We often forget to thank God that we still have eyes to see.

Some people have perfect eyes function but won’t want to see, to understand what they see, to make something useful from what they see.

Some other people don’t have eyes, but they try hard to see with their heart, as are seen in these photos.

3 friends help each other

I took these photos are for those who can see. Would you help them if you happen to find them on the street?

Melihat dengan hati

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