Jaipong the famous and attractive Sundanese dance

Jaipong kid dancer in action
Jaipong kid dancer in action
Jaipong make over
Jaipong make overJaipong kid dancer in action

Photos and story by: Susanna Sunarno     

Jaipong is the most famous – Sundanese – traditional dance up to nowadays.

We were so lucky to see their performances in the “Jaipong kids Competition” as we walked down through Braga street, Bandung, West Java.

These girls are still very young and yet they have been into the soul of Jaipong dance and very energetic through out their performances.  We stopped to watch the talented girls… 

It feels like as if I want to dance with them. I remember when I was a kid I learned Javanese traditional dance. Although Javanese and Sundanese share the same island, but their dances are completely different. Jaipong has rhytm and beat like Balinese. Their eyes movement are a bit similar to Balinese and also the body movement. 

Jaipong music is also very flexible. It can be combined or blend with almost every kind of music, such as dangdut, and others. So attractive is the dance that the visitors of the place can directly stop to enjoy the dance and take some pictures and video.

Please, allow me to share some parts of the dance for you.

Talented Jaipong kid dancer
Talented Jaipong kid dancer

 I am so proud of them….


3 thoughts on “Jaipong the famous and attractive Sundanese dance

  1. Mbak Yu Susan…..wah, keren2 foto n artikel….ntar aku ceritain isteriku, Mbak…biar ikutan liat2 dia…
    jd kan bulan madu ke Cairo????
    sy tunggu Mbak…

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