Gedung Sate costs 6 million Gulden in 1926

Gedung Sate costs 6 million Gulden in 1926

Written by: Susanna Sunarno,  Photo by: Anindita Harimurti Ax

To see Gedung Sate, you need 3 hours drive from Jakarta to Bandung. People called it  ‘Gedung Sate’ or Satay House, but just because you hear ‘satay’ it doesn’t mean that the buiding is a satay restaurant. It is a government building that has a very important historical building, build in 1920 -1926 during the Dutch Colonial Government ruled the land. Why most Indonesian called it Gedung Sate?   Let’s check out more of  its history.

“Gedung Sate is one of Bandung’s most impressive architectural heritage landmarks that reflects the heyday of the Indo-European style. It was built in the period of 1920 – 1926, and is most fascinating and well maintained. The building is nicknamed ‘Gedung Sate’ for the roof rods which somewhat resemble satay sticks. In the Dutch period in Indonesia, it was known as GOUVERNMENT BEDRIJVEN BUILDING (BG Building).

James Germer, a Netherlander architect who for a long time  lived in Thailand made the design of the building. He was assisted by supervisors, mostly Chinese, Arabian, and Native Indonesian. Therefore, the architectural style of the building is a combination of Art deco, Moorish style and Siamese (Thailand).

The construction was executed by Waterkracher Eelectrocillet (W&E) which started by destroying Gunung Batu/ Stone Mountain in Cipatat, Rajamandala and Batureok area at Lembang. It tooks 4 months, casting the concrete, stratification of high quality stones and roofing with the concrete foundation. The main building costs 6.000.000 Gulden which was a very grand budjet at that period.

Today it is the office of West Jave Provincial Government where the Governor has his office.”” (from the Tourism West  Java Travel Directory, Departement of Tourism)


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