Jakarta, I miss you

Jakarta, I miss you….

Written by: Susanna Sunarno

As we walk down the street, my husband take this picture

Yesterday, I found a long lost old friend, who is now living in Kalimantan Island, with her 1 year old daughter and a husband. I remember her as an individual fulls of surprise. Born in a religious devoted moslem family in a far village in Yogyakarta regency, she struggled through her live as a ‘single independent female’ in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Malaysia and Aceh. Yeah, we had a lot of talk back in those days. We mostly talked about life and also about the fact that even in a metropolitan capital city like Jakarta, a life of single independent females are not easy. Some friends in the office sometimes mock me for still being single; not to mention those of our own family or surrounding neighbour. Surprisingly after a long journey of life, she found her love one in her own village in Yogyakarta; and about 2 years later, I found mine in Jakarta. We were recently conneted by Facebook.

Yesterday, I called her. And to my surprise she said that she misses Jakarta. Living in Jakarta is never been so simple; nevertheless she has the sense of longing and feel at home when remembering about the City. Yeah, I bet you remember about being able to pick up all the things you want to buy here and to hunt for discounts during sale seasons. Hahaha…. Come,then, to Jakarta; not to work and live here, but to have your vacation here with the whole family, friends and neighbour…haha….

 OK, I see you next time, old friend….


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