Rainy days in Jakarta

Rainy day in Jakarta….

Written by: Susanna Sunaro

Rain makes us move slower than people used to when it’s shiny day.  Sometimes, rain even stops us from working, from moving, from meeting people.

It happened to me in this January.  I rushed in with my motorbike to a friendship meeting in Semanggi. Then, suddenly it rained hard on me…  I was totally wet though I wore my jacket, so I stopped in one corner of an intersection in Mampang, South Jakarta. It was dark, but I noticed there were some men stood under a plastic cover placed between two trees. Suprisingly, they welcomed my presence and even offered me a seat in a wooden rack they made. I sat down,  feeling cold and surprise of the sudden rain. The words “man may hope but God decide” is truly correct for me, for there is nothing I could do but sit still. Pause. Yeah, pause. People sometimes forget that they need to pause ones in a while, and it’s OK to pause.  

The rain had successfully force me to pause, to stop my activity and think about people, about our being, about the weather, about earth.

“Mari makan,mbak..” an ojek driver sat next to me politely greet me for he’s going to have his dinner.

“Mari… (please do..)” I replied. But, a second thought, hey, that’s a great idea. Eat! Since, I cannot do anything else… and the smell of food was temping, the cold, the hunger….

“What’s that on your plate?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s a fried tauge.” He said.

“Bang!” I called the Fried Tauge seller who happened to wait for the rain in the corner of the building.

“I want one, please.”

Only  a moment and there came the Toge goreng (fried Tauge). It was so delicious.. . I was pleased because I was full, it was cheap only Rp 5000, and because the toge goreng made a good company for me. So, in my pause, I taught of us as people… that together we must take care of our planet. Though rain is good, but they can be pretty crazy sometimes with all the nasty wind and all. Secondly, I could sense better. I tasted the smell of the earth, the ground, the water. I felt the cold water fell on me. I tasted nice ‘street dinner’ with the ojek driver. And I was truly happy to meet nice and helpful ojek drivers, who was not just greet me but they gave a seat and shelter, moreover also because they willingly and genuinely helped me took care of my motor bike to a more proper and save place on the street. I thank God I still able to sense this in Jakarta.

*) Ojek: is a ‘taxi’ motor bike

Makan: eat

Mbak: elder sister/ a polite call for female lady


4 thoughts on “Rainy days in Jakarta

  1. Yuni

    Wah wah wah… kalau di daerah, kita jarang dech lupa istirahat…. Di Jakarta, hujan yang membuat kita sadar kalau kita ini sebenarnya butuh istirahat…

    Trims tulisannya…

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